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    Flexible and Easy-to-use user interface

    SC Portal on your PCs
    and mobile devices. It is highly compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS,
    Android, Blackberry etc.

  • Complete and accurate data analysis

    Record test marks,
    Track academic performance and Analyse
    individual student’s report in a few clicks.

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    Attractive and detialed reports

    Easily create detailed reports such as:
    • Termly student report cards
    • Administration performance
    • School finance and inventory
    • Student activities
    • School portal access and usage log
    • Bulk SMS, Mails and messages
    And lots more.

Pricing as low as N1000 / term .

Experience the ease.

The Schoolcube.net platform is a time-saving software solution that helps school management and teachers to manage, analyse and get reports of students and the school, while eliminating the need for large score sheets, record booklets and multiple report cards.

It is a platform that connects all the departments and functions in the school namely, administration, student profiles, attendance, Fees, Library, accounts/finance and school curriculum.

It helps the teachers interact better with students. With the extra features like assignments/e-learning, school subject curriculum, bulk SMS and customised newsletter emails, it helps the school as a whole interact better with parents and students by keeping them up-to-date with the latest information.


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    Reports and analysis


    SC Portal provides easy-to-comprehend reports and analysis with tables and charts.
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    Cloud storage

    Secured and reliable storage

    Only authorized users have access to the reports in the SC portal powered by the most reliable cloud systems.
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    Everything is in Detail


    Schoolcube Portal is highly customizable with bespoke modules.

Experience the flexibility.

SC Portal provides flexibility across several devices, platforms and operating systems.

  • icon For Desktops

    For easy use from home or work SC Portal is available on windows, linux and mac personal computers.

  • icon For Tabs

    SC Portal is available on the go to users on most tablet and portable PC platforms, such as android tabs and ipads.

  • icon For mobile

    Any standard web surfing mobile phone running windows mobile, android, blackberry or ios can access the SC portal.

Packages with flexible payment plans


  • Students, parents and staff information system
  • Academic performance
  • Class and subject attendance.
  • Integrated time-table generator.
  • Reports and logs.
  • Subjects scheme and diary.
  • Lots more...


  • Students and staff accounts.
  • Staff pay roll and pay slips.
  • Reciept / Voucher generator.
  • Inventory and sales managment.
  • And lots more...


  • Integrated newsletters.
  • Bulk messaging (SMS & customized emails).
  • Birthday, holidays and events management
  • Accommodation and hostel management
  • Health history
  • And lots more...
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    Commendations and Awards

Lanre Ogunkunle CEO. Revocube Technologies

Revocube CEO
We are focused on partnering with schools for proper students` cummulative data analysis and reports.