A 12-year old Nigerian girl Fathia Abdullahi has brought the solution of a problem most people avoid due to their busy schedule and sometimes laziness. The teenager built a robot that folds t-shirts in 3seconds. Her discovery has put a smile on people that offer dry cleaning services as well as everyone involved in the domestic task of laundry.

In her BBC documentary, Fathia said she started coding at the age of 11. She said she decided to build the robot because it was a problem she faced at home.

“We wash clothes are there are a lot of t-shirts to fold when they are dried”.

When the shirt is placed in the middle of the surface, it is folded by the four grey beams on each side of the robot.

Although Fathia aspires to be a food scientist, she wants to use coding to build many things that will make doing certain things easier.

Here are pictures of Fatima and her robot.

Photo of Fathia Abdullahi
Fathia’s robot (Photo Credit: Indiatimes)

Source: BBC